The union of the “Vignerons Associés des Monts de Bourgogne” (associated wine growers of the Monts de Bourgogne region) is a union between two groups of wine producers located in the Côte d’Or (Nuiton-Beaunoy) and in the Mâconnais (Vignerons des Terres Secrètes).

These two wine cellars reveal the full range of characteristics of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines that Burgundy has to offer.

United by the same shared values, the Associated Wine Growers are very happy to introduce you to the delights of their homeland, the fruits of their meticulous, sustainable and inclusive labour.

Michel Barraud


David Delaye

Managing Director

Key figures

  • 1324 ha (3272 acres), which
    represents 4.4% of the wine-growing
    area in Burgundy

  • 350
    wine growers

  • Production
    81,000 hrs

  • 7.9 million
    bottles sold

  • export to
    50 countries

  • 2018 TURNOVER:
    EUR 38.1 MILLION